Phones did not roll over from night to day

Log into switch and go to Ring Plans. Select the Ring Plan and check the time on it, If time is wrong, change it and then save. If it’s right move on to next step. Verify the extensions that have access to the RPO Buttons. (Sometimes we find that when more than one person has the RPO buttons they can hit it accidentally) Make sure the time zone is correct and for this you will go to Zones and look for Time Zone. Also a good rule of thumb is that the light will flash if it’s in override mode so if they call and say the light was flashing it means someone in the office must of put it in override mode otherwise if it is solid then it is in schedule mode. Another thing to note is ring plan won’t roll over until the first call comes through.

rpo button

Save and make sure to notate the ticket number and what you did.

For in-depth over view of extension