Changing Your Menu’s Message

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Access Main Greetings

Access Main Greeting:

1. Dial *98

2. Enter Password 000000 ( six zeros)

3. Enter prompt number 1001 for Day

1002 for Night

1003 for Holiday

1004 for Outage

Follow Steps:

How Day / Night / Holiday Buttons Works: (You can have special ones made if needed ex: Meeting)

The system is on an auto timer for Day & Night mode. When the light on the button is solid or out the system is in schedule mode per day and night schedule.

The light is out because the system switched from day or night menu and you haven’t received a call yet in the schedule mode.

The first call you receive in Day / Night mode it will turn to a solid light next to the schedule mode button it is under.

At this time once auto attendant picks up a call ( Day/Night)  caller will be able to dial the extension number they want.

System will be automatically go in lunch mode with the time you have set with us if you have requested a lunch mode.

Override Schedule Mode:

Press Day / Night / Holiday Button

The light next to the button you pressed will start to blink.

The system is now in override mode and no longer in schedule mode.

Disable Override Mode:

Press blinking button one time / light goes out and you are now in schedule mode for the system again.

Until you receive another incoming call the schedule mode button will remain out.

Once you receive your first call the light will remain on next to the schedule mode time your in.