Configure M700 & M300 for Crosswind VOIP

the crosswind manager select the extension the M300 phone will use.

snom m700-1

Select “Snom M700/M300” as the phone model. Copy the SIP username and password and primary registration server as found and the SIP/Networking section of the extension editor. Open a web browser and navigate to the IP address of the M700 base station. If doing a Multi Cell install navigate to the IP address of the Master M700 base station. Once loged into the M700 page go to “servers”

Snom- Server

Make your page look this the above image replace the “REG IP” with the primary registration server phone in the sip configuration window. Once filed out click save. Then click on “Extensions” click “Add Extension”

Snom add ext 1

Configure your extension as shown above..Click Save

Snom add ext2

Once you have added the extension it will show up in a table check both check boxes and click the Register Handset. Then on the M300 navigate to the registration page on the phone enter “0000” click OK in a few seconds it will display the extension you just added.

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