General & Personal Voice mail Instructions

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Voice mail Instructions:
General Message set up:
You must remember to record the messages for these mailboxes.
1.Dial *96
2.Enter Mail box Number (Most systems its 301)
3.Enter a 4/6 digit Password
4.Please follow prompts for greeting.
Personal Voice Mail Initial Set Up:
1.Press Voice mail Button or Dial *97
2.Enter 4/6 Digit Password
3.Please follow prompts for greeting, name and directory.
Access Voice Mail Remotely:
When in menu or Personal Mailbox press the * key and then enter your password.
Voice Mail Features:
•Pause Message: Dial 1
•Rewind Message: Dial 2
•Fast Forward Message: Dial 3
•Forward Message: Dial 4
•Skip Message: Dial 5
•Delete Message: Dial 7
•Save Message: Dial 9
•Go back one step: Dial *
Directory Settings
Record Name Dial 1
Set First and Last name For Directory Service Press 2. (Make sure to set both first and last name even if you only you one of the directory searches)
Voice Mail Back Door:
Check VMMSG away from office
•Call personal DID number or press * at Auto Attend or menu.
•Listen to prompts.
Mail Box Administration:
•Press Voice Mail Key
•Enter Password
•Dial 6 for Administration
•Dial 4 for Mail Box Settings
•Press 1 for auto play of message
•Press 2 to enable MSG. Time stamp
•Press 3 to enable Caller ID.
Remote Enable / Disable Call Fwd:
•Dial Private Number / Main Number AA / Have transfer into VM Box
•Press * key when Voice mail answers
•Dial mail box number
•Enter password
•Dial 7 for extension management
•Dial 2 for call forwarding
•listen to prompts
Remote Enable / Disable Call Pairing:
•Dial Private Number / Main Number AA / Have transfer into VM Box
•Press the * key when Voice mail answers
•Dial Mail Box Number
•Enter Password
•Dial 7 for extension management
•Dial 1 for call pairing
•Listen to prompts