Aastra 6757i User Guide

Aastra 6757i phone

Introduction to your Aastra 6757i

At the top of your phone and on this diagram Keys 1-12 are softkey’s in which you are able to personalize.

13 is your arrow keys to navigate on your phones LCD screen.

14 is your Goodbye button hit it twice to end call and clear screen.

15 is your options on your phone.

16 is a personal hold that will only hold to one phone.

17 is your redial

18 is your volume keys for ring volume and your hearing volume.

19 is your dial pad.

20 is your Line 4.

21 is your Line 3.

22 is your Line 2.

23 is your Line 1.

24 is your speaker button.

25 is your mute button.

Options for Softkey settings:

  • Call Log
  • Call Forwarding
  • Contacts
  • Custom Speed Dial
  • Custom Station
  • Do Not Disturb (DND)
  • Flash
  • Group
  • Group In / Out
  • Group Transfer
  • Help
  • Listen
  • Line
  • Menu
  • None
  • Paging
  • Pairing
  • Park
  • Phone Lock
  • Record
  • Redial
  • Remote Hold
  • Ring Plan Override (Day, Night, Holiday)(RPO)
  • Speed Dial
  • Station
  • Station Hold
  • Transfer
  • Voice Mail Transfer
  • Voice Mail Messages
  • Whisper
  • Zone Member

Outgoing Calls:

Press line button or Dial number then press dial button.

Internal Calls:

Dial extension number and press dial button.

Park Calls / System Hold:

When on a call press the PARK key then press extension key to announce call.

Place Caller on Exclusive Hold:

Press the HOLD key then the line button will flash green. This call will be on hold on your phone only.

Pick Up Park:

Press the PARK button and it will pick up whoever has been placed on Park.

Transfer Call:

 While on call press Transfer key then dial extension and press the Transfer key again and then hang up. If you have a Lamp Field button then press Button & hang up.

Call Log:

Press Call Log and use the up and down arrow keys to scroll through.

Set Call Forward Number:

Press the Call Forward key press select key dial number – press done to set the call then press right arrow then enter your number and then press your down arrow key.

Call Forward / Enable:

Press the Call Forward key, press the down arrow once and then press select key then press done key twice.

Call Pairing: (same as call fwd)

Press the Pairing softkey, press the down arrow to set the pairing number, then press the right arrow to enter, press right arrow key until all numbers are gone, enter desired number then press the down arrow key.

Call Pairing / Enable:

Press the Pairing softkey, press down arrow twice then right arrow once.

Conference Call:

When doing a conference call once you are on the line with the first person then you want to hit your conference button and then dial the extension or number of the person you wish and then once they answer hit conference again and everyone will be on one call.


If you wish to be able to record but don’t want a button or you have a button but want to use a short code on your phone then these instructions are for you. While you are on a call you are able to press #3 and this will Start, Stop and Resume. When you dial #4 this will pause the recording. When you want to pull up your recorded calls you will need to have the access through the Crosswind VOIP Communicator.

Listen & Whisper:

With the listen feature this gives you the ability to listen into a phone conversation between an employee and another caller. The listen feature can also be accessed by dialing *7790 + extension. Now in order to use this feature and the whisper you must be allowed access or it will not work. With the whisper feature this allows you to talk to the employee without the other caller hearing what you are telling your employee. You can also access the whisper feature by dialing *7791 + extension. If you need assistance with making this active please see below.

If you need more assistance than please email us at support@crosswindsupport.com or call 888-920-5685