Call Log button not working

Go into the Dashboard in the Manager and check the Alerts and Notices for any known issues with call log issues. If yes then please inform the customer of the information. If no then please do the following On your own phone press your call log and see if you have the same issue and can replicate it if yes the escalate to Tier 2 but if not then please do the following       Log into switch and go to Extensions. Pick the extension having the issue or the first one on the list of ones having the issue.  Double click extension and once extension has loaded go to the Button Mapping to make sure it’s still has the configuration. If it doesn’t then please redo button mapping hit apply and save and make sure to notate on ticket too. If yes the button mapping is still there then close out the extension window and right click on the extension and go to Access Endpoint Web Interface then click on Via Thin Client. A window will pop up and click the View In Browser, once page is loaded you will need to select the Softkey and XLM to make sure the button mapping that is in the manager is showing here as well. If it is then please escalate this up to Tier 2. If it’s not then that means that there is an issue with the configuration and it may have lost it. You need to go to the Configuration Server and check the configuration. If it has been lost then please reconfigure save and then test phone to make sure that issue is resolved. If it’s not still resolved then please escalate to Tier 2.


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