Park buttons have question marks next to them

Have customer get off the phone and do a manually restart on the phones. (Unplug the phone and then plug it back in after 10 seconds) If this doesn’t fix the issue then follow next steps.

Go into Extensions and double click the extension and go to the Button Mapping and verify that the programming is still there. If it is then you will close the window and right click on extension and go to Access Endpoint Web Interface put mouse over it and another window will pop up click on the Via Thin Client and another window should pop up. Select View in Browser window will pop up asking for user name and password you will enter for Username: admin and Password is 2749662. Once in go to the Softkeys and XLM so verify that the programmed keys still show the programming. If programming is still their and restarting the phone/phones hasn’t worked then you will escalate ticket to Tier 2.

Access Endpiont

For in-depth over view of extension