Message update, special event then back to normal


From La Vids Boba <>: Hello,

1) We have a new message to update in Lenny’s Pizzeria. Please load REST WEEK
UP,..for mon a.m. Start…runs thru April 26th only. Change to
“regular” up for Mon 4/27 start.
They are now running the same up every day of the week.

2) News hours set up. Lennie wants to keep his machine (Auto Attendant) on all the time,

so we are going to run an overnight up – looping it twice before it rings
into the store. Just load and schedule as you would a normal up to run
from 15 minutes after closing time every night until 10.20am in the
morning. Start the day message at that point.

Thanks let us know if you have questions.


  • In Ring Plans “Events” were created for Sat and Mon. Then in the Auto Attendant a new menu was created named Event (6005) and a new prompt number of 2001 with max input try’s of 0. Then the Ring Plans point to (6005) in the DID Block.

The company record the Over Night Up twice in order to have the message play twice before ringing in the store.

Changing music on hold

Once they have emailed the WAV file to the support email we then save it and reformat if needed then log into switch. Go to Zones and find the tab named Music on Hold at the bottom of that page click Add File a window will pop up where you can select the WAV file. Once selected and back to screen highlight file and press Upload Files. When it’s done a window will pop up just click okay.

music on hold

For in-depth over view of extension