Customer said they are having issues making out bound faxes,  error message has been an ongoing problem.



I have buffered your fax which means that when you send a fax it will be captured by a fax Proxy then encrypted and sent to one of our data center where it will be delivered to the fax number you dialed. So be aware that once your fax show’s sent the number you dialed will get the fax in about 5 to 10 minutes. Please let me know if you continue to have problems sending faxes.

Configuration Changes Completed

The requested configuration changes have been made. Please allow up to 30 minutes for those changes to become active.

Not receiving faxes

You will not be going into the manager for this one, first thing you will do is send a test fax to the customers fax number to make sure they can in fact receive faxes. Once you have sent the fax wait about 10 min to call customer back to verify if they got fax or not or have them call you once they receive the fax or not. If they receive the test fax from us that shows that they are able to receive faxes. From here once you verify they got the test fax do a test call to the number they said was trying to fax to them to make sure it’s a fax number. If it is and your customer got your test fax and not the other persons then the other person needs to check with their fax line provider. Now if they don’t get your test fax then you will need to escalate this issue to Tier 2.


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